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The hisani therapy centre & horse sanctuary was founded in 2011 by charlotte collins (ba(hons) person centred counselling, Msc contemporary person centred psychotherapy, licac bacc five element acupuncturist), A trauma focussed CBT and rogerian psychotherapist accredited in the uk with 20 years experience.

Hisani offers a peaceful and safe place to explore and heal a variety of social, emotional and behavioural challenges.


Hisani offers one on one psychotherapy for the following but also for adults, adolescents and children who are just not feeling ok.

Hisani, meaning kindness in Swahili, is set on 1000 acres of land where our horses can graze over the beautiful Lolldaiga hills of Laikipia, Kenya.

Just forty minutes outside of Nanyuki, It is a beautiful person and animal centred family home where we offer clients the opportunity of spending time with our horses and other animals. Our horses graze on the property as one large herd and they have as much freedom as they like.

Our horses are integrated as a partner in the therapeutic process. Horses in psychotherapy sessions bear witness to whatever is presented to them and they respond, often choosing to engage in ways that are intuitively helpful.  They give us feedback through body language, mirroring what they understand about clients deepest feelings and intentions.



+254 720 291 889 Charlie_Coll@Hotmail.Com

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