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During the pandemic we have all had to become more comfortable with communicating online and therapeutic work is no exception. There are many benefits of online psychotherapy sessions which we can take from this difficult period. you may choose online psychotherapy in the future if: 


  • you have been ill, or suffering from illness and are recovering at home

  • you are working away from home

  • if you are housebound, for example if you are managing childcare or if you are a sole carer

  • you want to maintain continuity if you have had to move to another location

  • There isn’t a psychotherapist who you are comfortable with in your area


Online psychotherapy consultations provide exactly the same quality of therapeutic work as meeting up face to face. Online psychotherapy may even have advantages for some individuals or couples who find discussing emotional issues face to face a challenge; some may find they are more at ease in their own environment.


Confidentiality is still paramount and Hisani maintains a strict level of confidentiality around your work. 


Making the most once you are online


  • A comfy seat is important if you are going to be sitting and communicating for the length of your session.

  • We recommend using a desktop or a laptop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. With smaller devices think about how you are going to  prop them up for a 60 minute session.

  • Find a quiet space which reduces background noises such as a television or traffic so you are not distracted

  • The space where you choose to have your online session should be free from interruptions by other people.


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