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Sparta is a very happy boy who always makes us smile.  He is 15 years old and had a super  career on the polo field and was very very talented but the game caught up with him and he began to struggle in his back and hind quarters so his owners decided to retire him and he came to us and has proven to be an exceptional Therapy Horse.  He is trained to Parelli level 3 and enjoys liberty work.


Wilma is a 9 year old mare who became the first horse in Kenya to get me back into the saddle! she had come from a polo background but began to become very unhappy on the field so her owner decided it was time to find her a new home.  She is exceptionally sensitive and a wonderful guider, she lost her mum as a foal to colic and had to be bottle fed for a period of time so had some struggles to cope with early in her existence.  


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After severing a tendon Mulan found her way to us. She is an exceptional young mare who is a wonderful Therapy Horse.  She can challenge us,  needs to move her feet and loves to have a good leader and becomes an amazing partner at liberty.


Escobar Is a recent addition given again his dislike of being ridden, he is exceptionally sensitive and clever and picks up on a clients energy intensely.  Escobar nearly died with his previous owner as he fell into stinging nettles and went into anaphylactic shock.  He went completely crazy galloping around the field bucking and rearing over backwards … eventually he collapsed and his owner was able to inject him with cortisone saving his life. 

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Misty is a super boy who came to us around a year ago when his owner had to leave the country and was anxious about  his future.  He is 15 and very experienced at pony camp and other fun things but has got to a place of retirement with us with just gentle hacks and working therapeutically with others.  He was always seen as being not so confident in himself but so far at Hisani he has his mares very much under his hoof and enjoying being a horse in a herd!


Fairy has arrived with us recently.  She was part of a wonderful safari team but due to the increasingly uncertain abilities of riders it was decided she should retire from her safari career having been an incredible mare who has stood off elephants in the Mara.  She has struggled recently and become a little anxious due to lion attacks in her homeland so is with us here at Hisani!



Ulfi has had some real struggles.  Originally in polo but due to his confirmation (we believe) began to become incredibly strong and quite dangerous. at fast pace he would grab hold of the bit and put his head down. he was incredibly strong and as we all know there is always a reason behind the behaviour. he also wind sucked though not excessively.  We worked with him a great deal on arrival with 24 hr turnout and he enjoyed hacking out and doing some straightness training and ridden work to help him strengthen his weaker areas.  Knowing his amazing ability with kiddies and people he spent some time at RDA (riding for the disabled) but has come back to us recently as he seems a little unsettled in self.  His windsucking has increased so we are working at letting him be back in the herd to settle before we occupy him with some gentleness for the rest of his days! 


Sparky's history is a little unsure but he must be around 9 years now. At the start of his life he spent time with different trainers who seemed to not be able to connect with him.  He then went on to RDA but I think because of his character struggled to fit in.  He is a super boy and since being with us has offered huge amounts.  He is wonderful to hack out and also wonderful working therapeutically with others.  A special boy who knows what he wants !


Flynn is our rescued donkey, having been mistreated badly he was rescued and came to us with a huge dislike of people … now it is super hard to get him to leave us alone as he constantly leans into you for a bottom scratch and follows you around!

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Caspian came to us when individuals were struggling to get him to go forward and be happy being ridden.  Of course when he arrived with us it was clear his confirmation was shocking and we worked on some straightness training to support him in this.  He is retired from being ridden but is one of our therapy horses who is currently babysitting a horse who lost his companion at Tharua.

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Peanut is our cuddly pony.  He is Welsh Section A imported from South Africa many years ago and is around 27 years old now! a little arthritic and blind in one eye but still super determined to raid the feed bins and wander into the house.  He is loved dearly!