We have 50 acres of grazing for our herd who spend their time munching happily with friends.

Each morning they all come together and enjoy a natural feed allowing us to observe them before they go and spend the rest of the day grazing.

Our retired horses are all barefoot and live out all year round in natural herds mixed with our sanctuary horses, allowing them the best opportunity to find new friends and relax in A safe yet wild environment.

Stable your horses with us and we will ensure all their specialised needs will be taken into consideration, giving you peace of mind. 

Our livery also contributes to the Hisani Sanctuary so you will also be helping us support other horses in Kenya who need us.


Kshs 15,000/= per month grass livery 24hr out

Kshs 16,000 per month grass and Natural feed livery live in.


Hay at an additional charge during dry conditions (dependent on the weather) @ 350ksh per bale.


+254 720 291 889 | Charlie@HisaniTherapy.Com

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