Hisani is the Swahili word for kindness. True to our core we ensure that every resident - no matter how complex their needs - has the opportunity to live out their days in a loving and safe environment.


We provide a lifetime of care to many horse residents, the majority of whom are unlikely to be re-homed due to their challenging veterinary needs, sympathetic handling requirements or behavioural difficulties.

We believe that every horse and pony has the right to a happy and healthy life free from fear and neglect.

The horses live out all year round in natural herds where possible, encouraging them to exhibit their natural behaviour and make friends. Every one of our rescued residents has a story to tell. Helping a horse in need and seeing their journey to recovery can be  of the most rewarding aspects of our work. 


We strive to be leaders in ethical training techniques for our horses. Removing the myths around horse behaviour and throwing out terms such as "naughty" or "lazy". We're going back to basics - and back to nature - in understanding how and why horses behave in certain ways. 

Our sanctuary for horses has four fully equipped stables and 50 acres of wild African savannah, allowing horses to transition to a more natural environment. Those stabled are in need of treatment and recuperation awaiting their transition to the field.


Hisani Sanctuary offers you the opportunity to come and help us care for our horses with all their different personalities and the challenges they bring to their training. You can learn all about  their daily routine and in return they will reward you by giving you an insight into their souls.

We love to have volunteers from near or far, of all ages and who bring with them a diverse range of experiences. You don't have to have experience with horses, we are always looking for people who are able to help us in creative ways whose skills are able to develop the sanctuary and give our horses a more positive all round environment.

If you are interested, you can learn more Here


Each of our rescued horses have their own unique life path. Some have behavioural difficulties due to mistrust and some have been kept poorly in the past, but all are deserving of a comfortable and social future. To read their stories, click here​.

Hisani Livery contributes to the sanctuary running costs, and we also raise money by using some of our horses in equine assisted therapy with individual clients as well as families and small groups.


We are currently working with a number of organisations as well as individuals and families - we have a partnership with Riding for the Disabled Kenya (www.rdakenya.org), developing a project where we can help support differently abled young people in Nanyuki.


Charlotte is also working with the Veterans Association UK, a charity that support UK veterans with their mental and physical wellbeing after they have left the armed services.


At present however a significant amount of the running costs are coming from our own pockets.


We still need to raise funds to be able to become more financially secure as a sanctuary which would allow us to reach out to other horses and people who need our help around Kenya.

We are aiming to reach our fundraising target of KES3,500,000 which would enable us to plan for the next two years and expand our operations once we have the stability and capacity to do so.

Help us care for all the horses that we look after by adopting one of our sanctuary horses.


Adopting an animal is a rewarding way to help our efforts if you are unable to commit to a lifetime of horse care and adoptions make a great gift for loved ones!


Become  a bronze, silver or gold adopter!

5,000/= is enough for us to buy a large sack of oats or barley.

10,000/= pays for your adopted horse to have their dental check up each year!

15,000/= provides care for a horse for a whole month.

Whichever adoption package you choose provides us with vital help and support and enables us to give the very best care to ALL our horses.