Adopting one of our horses makes a fabulous gift for friends or loved ones. Not only are adoptions an environmentally friendly gift but every shilling we get from our adopters is so important to us and our furry family. Just knowing there are people out there supporting us and our work gives us the energy and spirit to continue doing what we do!


a bronze adopter will receive a photograph of your adopted horse, a certificate highlighting the support you give Hisani Sanctuary  and a copy of our newsletter letting you know how all our horses are getting along!


Silver adoption entitles you to the above along with a complimentary visit to come along and see the horse that you have adopted and have the opportunity to get to know him or her a little better!


Our gold adoption comes with all of the above, along with the chance to spend half an hour one on one with Charlie our psychologist, learning about simple mindfulness and breathing techniques which will help you throughout your life!

Adoption Form

Thank you for your kind support, we will be in touch with you shortly!