Simon takes care of the herd while they are roaming around the 1000 acres, and protects them from local wildlife.

Christine takes care of all of us and makes sure that we have the time to focus our attention on you.

David is our maintenance man! If anything needs repairing or fixing then he's the man to call. He also covers for our syce when he is away on leave.

Nick keeps an eye on the centre and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Abraham is our syce who looks after and takes extra special care of all our horses.

Merlin thinks he's a dog...or a horse...but definitely not a cat!

Barkley is full of energy and just loves being around children

NJC_0002 (1).jpg

Harrison just loves being around people and getting under their feet!

Moustache used to be a bit of a wanderer but has become a real home dog over the years!


Lewa is an amazingly kind and cuddly German Shepherd!