In return for all your help, we will welcome you into our home in one of the most beautiful parts of Kenya where you will quickly feel comfortable living amongst all our furry friends. We will provide you with food and accommodation and you can enjoy relaxing in our grounds or walking in the stunning countryside. We can also take you for a picnic and game drive on the close by Lolldaiga Hills Ranch, a wonderful African wildlife paradise. 


You will leave after your time here fully refreshed and invigorated having experienced a slice of rural sanctuary life in Kenya and with the knowledge that the work you have done for us will be truly valued.

The volunteer programme consists of a two week stay with us and costs U$1000, not including your travel to reach us. To apply please contact Charlie@HisaniTherapy.com for an information pack.

Horses do not learn though fear or pain.  When we connect with horses we use body language and other forms of gentle pressure to get the horse to respond. When you treat a horse in this way - with respect - that respect is returned and you quickly form a beautiful and trusting relationship.

That philosophy provides the foundation of all the work we do here at Hisani. You will be able to observe this philosophy in action and see for yourself the wonderful relationship that can develop between horse and human when you treat them with love and kindness.

Our volunteer programme is always open and runs for approximately two weeks.


  • We are looking for experienced animal practitioners or holistic therapists who would be able to visit and spend time with our horses working on any special emotional or physiological requirements that they have.

  • If you are an experienced rider then Benjamin our syce is always happy to have company while he takes the horses out for their exercise.

  • From time to time we will also have other projects which we are trying to grow. We may need help from architects, dieticians or herbalists for example, whose skills are able to positively impact the lives of our horses.

You can find out what we are currently looking for here.